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Welcome to the land of the Min Min Light

Traveller, your path ahead beholds one of Australia’s greatest unsolved supernatural mysteries.

*Cue the other worldly background music…

According to folklore, the Min Min Lights sometimes follow or approach people and then disappear, sometimes very rapidly, only to reappear later.

There have been numerous sightings throughout 2019!


A  sighting by Paul & Jane Hotchkis in July 2018 in their own words...


Last night 4/7/2018, at Peek Creek, 60km north of Boulia we looked out of the van at 9.00pm to find a large yellowish light like a spotlight high about twice the height of the surrounding trees.  The light moved over a period both up and down, left and right coming closer then dropping below the tree line where we could not see it until it moved left and right and it shone throughout he trees again.  It eventually moved away (looked like away) until it disappeared at 9.30pm.


A  sighting by Marcia Paxton in July 2017 in her own words...

You wouldn't believe it, I'm finding it hard to believe myself.  We were staying a Boulia Caravan Park on Monday 3rd July 2017.   I was woken by a very bad dream and got out of bed as I couldn't sleep.  I decided to go outside, I had no idea what the time was but later worked out it would have been approximately 5.30am.  It was very still,  very dark,  a beautiful night, totally clear with thousands of stars out, mesmerising.  

I then noticed just above the trees to the North East a very large intense circle like a full moon but a more white light.  It wasn't the moon as it was only a 1/2 moon and high in the sky.  I quickly ran in and got John out of bed, he wasn't at all happy to be woken at 5.35am.  However when he saw the very bright glowing circle we both agreed we had seen something very special.  

I didn't even know at that time what a Min Min looked like.  After going to the Visitors Centre today I saw other photos of Min Mins and my photo is exactly the same.  I feel amazed that both John and I have seen a Min Min.  I hope it is lucky and wonder why we were chosen to see it.


And another story...

“I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched it hovering over the graveyard.

I broke into a cold sweat as it started coming toward me.”

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Min Min is actually the name of a locality between Boulia and Winton and it lends the light its name because a stockman saw the strange light there back in 1918. While Min Min Light sightings have increased since European settlement, earlier Aboriginal history too tells a legend of mysterious lights.

The Min Min Encounter Complex in Boulia has a must see show and promises to reel you deeper into the mystery of the light.


Fealy Family Testimony Photo

“It was fantastic! A little scary for the kids but they still enjoyed it! The kids have been looking for the Min Min light (unexplained light that follows/chases people out here in this area – people have various theories – mineral gases being released, emu’s who have rolled in phosphorous gas, ghosts from the ‘seedy’ Min Min hotel that burned down etc, etc).

It was a 45minute show that had you walking from little room to little room, while people (talking dummies) told stories about the Min Min light – really great! We loved our time in Boulia…”

Jessica Fealy & Family, Mareeba, North Qld

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