12 - 14 July 2024


‘The Melbourne Cup of Camel Races’

Our $45,000 prize pool makes this the richest camel races in Australia!

The Boulia Camel Cup is the most prestigious and coveted win on Australia’s camel racing circuit.


The Cup Final is run over 1500m – it’s the longest camel race in Australia.  When the races first began in Boulia the Cup was an even longer 2 km race.

Boulia has a population of approximately 300 people, that increases more than tenfold to 3,000+ during the races!



Where do the camels come from?
Most racing camels are wild caught (there are over one million wild camels in Australia).  Some racing camels even began as 2-year-old juvenile camels in our Camel Tagging competition and were afterwards purchased by camel trainers.


What do racing camels do when they’re not racing?

Most of the year they are grazing in fields and in the months prior to racing they are brought in for regular for training. A few even operate as tourist camel ride camels!


Who are the jockeys?

All camel jockeys also have a day job (it’s hobby more than a job). Jockeys sometimes, but not always come from a horse riding background. It’s not always the case, but according to founder of Boulia Camel Races, Paddy McHugh “(females) are by far the better riders I think. They seem to be able to hang in there and do better…”


How do the jockeys steer the camels?

They can’t really, as there are no reigns for the jockeys to hold! Jockeys sit on small saddle pads behind the camels hump and the camels steer themselves down the track heading back towards their familiar yards.


How does it work at the starting barriers?

Handlers lead camels into their numbered barrier (there are no front gates on barriers).  It’s a tricky business, with the starting pistol being fired at any time deemed best as there are no front barrier gates.  If a camel breaks and is stopped within 50m it is permitted to restart, or otherwise is disqualified.


Did you Know?

Our races are regulated by Racing Queensland and a representative is here to oversee the event.  A vet is also onsite for every race.  Winning camels in the 1/4 Mile Flyer & Boulia Cup are swabbed, and bloods taken to safeguard an even playing field.

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