12 - 14 July 2024


What to Experience

Discover all the experiences over the 3 days of our famous Melbourne Cup of Camel Races...

The Camel Racing!

2 Days of professional camel racing!  The 1200m Cup Final is the most prestigious camel race to win in Australia!


Camel Rides

Affordable camel rides are available all weekend.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment Friday & Saturday nights!

Helicopter Rides

Scenic Rides across Boulia from the Racecourse


Campfires are permitted at your campsite and the locals even donate  free firewood left around the grounds.

Yabby Races

Join in the fun of the Sunday afternoon yabby races.

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 16.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1165


Fireworks Extravaganza Saturday night!

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 15.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1162

Kids Fun

Amusements available Saturday and Sunday. Purchase an armband for Unlimited Rides

*Min Min Light*

...and keep your eyes on the skies for the mysterious Min Min Light!  Note: image is actual eyewitness photo.

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 15.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1071

Camel Yards

See the camels up close in the yards (not too close though!) and you may even get the chance to ask a question to the trainers and handlers. 

Camel Tagging!

This hilarious competition is completely unique to Boulia!

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 16.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1013

Crack-up Sisters

The Crack-up Sisters are a a hilarious highlight!  See their scheduled shows, plus join their fun & games between the camel races on the racetrack.

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 17.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1066

Fun Between Races

Put your hand up to get on the racetrack between camel races for silly games and fun (tug-o-war, tunnel ball, sack race and more)

BOULIA CAMEL RACES - 15.07.2022 - Matt Williams - LOW RES-1128

Hear the Jockeys & Trainers

After the race finals hear the jockeys interviewed on the track by our race caller.  Also Friday night listen to the camel trainers Q&A session.

The Bar

See you at the bar for a cold one. Our races bar overlooks the racetrack and night-time entertainment on the track.

Boulia Kids Camel Race

On Sunday watch the cute local Boulia school kids race on the track in their own camel costumes.

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