BOULIA CAMEL RACES: 16 - 18 July 2021

Annual migration to Qld’s Outback to begin from Big Red to Boulia

Touted as the best ever Outback Queensland winter northern migration path yet, the Melbourne Cup of Camel Races, the Boulia Camel Races are working in sync with the major success story that is the Birdsville Big Red Bash.

Boulia has set its races to the ideal dates to create the ultimate Outback Queensland itinerary for travellers this July.

Thousands will be drawn to Birdsville on 10-12th July to experience the Big Red Bash, with many continuing 190kms ‘next-door’ to Bedourie for their Camel & Pig Races on 14th July, before then setting up camp ‘just up the road’ 192kms with camping open from 15th for the Boulia Camel Races 20-22nd July 2018.

Camels and trainers themselves are making plans to travel to Boulia for the races from across Queensland and also the southern states. The long trek doesn’t end on arrival for the camels, as Boulia’s track is where the longest camel race in Australia is played out, with the Camel Cup Final run across a vast 1,500m. Jockeys and trainers remark that it can be exhausting, yet these great ‘ships of the desert’ proudly lumber for the finish line to great applause – even those few that may have sat down, or taken an unplanned detour backwards during the race!

Event organiser Beck Britton explains “it’s quite a trek to the races no matter where our visitors come from, but the adventure of the trip is all part of it, because the visitors may spot the mysterious ‘Min Min Light’ out on our roads. We had a sighting of it by some visitors just before last year’s races and so everyone had their eyes on the look out all the more.”

“Of course the camel races are the draw card, but the crowd also get a big kick out of our novelty events, and since we introduced Sheep Tagging last year it’s become a new favourite.” “We’ve definitely put it back on the program this year, on Friday night and Saturday morning,” asserts Beck. Sheep Tagging is a hilarious new spin-off from Boulia’s Camel Tagging Competition, which sees adult competitors in an arena with a lively young camel, ‘tagging’ it with a piece of duct tape and retrieving the tape in the fastest time. Sheep tagging delivers all the same comic outcomes as animals often outwit and out-speed the competitor, plus the additional humour created with organisers not heeding the time old ‘don’t work with children or animals’ rule. Both are not only a must-see Outback spectacle, but also an opportunity to participate for travellers literally chasing a little more adventure out of their holiday.

The Queensland Government is proud to support the Boulia Camel Races event through Tourism and Events Queensland as part of the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar. Queensland, just the place for Australia’s best live events.

The closest access towns to Boulia are: Mt Isa 303km, Winton 366km and Birdsville 383km (via Bedourie).