BOULIA CAMEL RACES: 15 - 17 July 2022

16 - 18 July 2021



Min Min Encounter Complex

This is an absolute must-see in Boulia.  Visitors to Boulia, right up to this day, continue to report sighting our legendary Min Min Light along the highways near Boulia.  If you haven't spotted it yet, you can still encounter the phenomenon of the Min Min Light, at the 45-minute show at the Min Min Encounter Complex in Boulia.  It's a show of  technical wizardry, telling the personal encounters locals and travellers have had with the famed light.

Our 3D Pedestrian Crossing

Boulia is the first town in Australia to have a 3D pedestrian crossing, where an optical illusion is created that the white lines are blocks rising up off the road!  Check it out outside the school.

Marine Fossils & Our "Loch Ness Monster"

Boulia once lay on the edge of a vast inland sea! Wonderfully detailed fossils of Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs, plus other species can be seen at Boulia’s own Marine Reptile Fossil Display.  Our newest exhibit - see "Percy" our marine fossil who appears very much like a Loch Ness Monster!

The fossils are housed in the grounds of the Stonehouse, a beautifully preserved house of stone built for the Jones family in 1888. Now it’s doors are open for visitors to vividly regain a picture of the household and the working lives of the early settlers of Outback Queensland.

Ann Britton's Outback Photography Gallery

If you love the Outback, you'll treasure a walk through Ann Britton's new Outback Photography Gallery in Boulia.  Ann is a Boulia local and recently opened her gallery at The Waddi Tree store in the main street, to share with everyone her great love of capturing spectacular photos of Australia's Outback.  

More around Boulia

Play Boulia’s 18-hole sand green golf course and meet the locals in the clubhouse.

Hook a yellow belly or redclaw in the Police Barracks Waterhole or in the Burke River.

Get your photo taken with Boulia's red stump, the point which marks that west of here is the Simpson Desert.

Boulia is the gateway to the Diamantina National Park, home to abundant bird life including the rain bird, black faced cuckoo, lorikeets, brolgas and plain turkey/bustards.

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